Equipment Guide

3D Printers (PLA)

Located in Clean Prototyping

The 3D Printers take digitally created 3D models and then prints those designs into physical objects. Allowing for rapid prototyping of concepts and precise shapes for final projects.

Guide Last Updated: Spring 2023

Example Projects Software Instructions Troubleshooting

Example Projects

These are a few example projects to give some ideas of what this tool can help create:

Example 1 Example 2

Helpful Software

These applications are often used to help create a project with this piece of equipment:


  • Cura
    • View the student resources page to learn how to setup Cura
  • Fusion 360
    • Signing up with your Berry.Edu email will provide you access to the FREE student version


If you need help setting up or using software, please ask a Lab Assistant for help!

Equipment Instructions

If you have already used this piece of equipment before, below is a short guide to get you ready to create.

If this is your first time using this piece of equipment, please ask a Lab Assisant for supervision and advice!

Quickstart Guide
Preparing your GCode

  • Step 1: Open Cura
  • Step 2: Ensure the 'HackBerryDraft' print settings are installed (Setting Up Cura)
  • Step 3: Import your STL file
  • Step 4: Select the "Slice" button
  • Step 5: Save your file as a GCode

Upload Your File For Printing

  • Step 1: Go to
  • Step 2: Login with:
    • User: student
    • Password: marthaberry
  • Step 3: Select the printer that you would like to print to
    • Ensure there is not a print currently running on that printer
  • Step 4: Select "Upload G-Code" to put your file on the server
  • dashboard
  • Step 5: Ask a Lab Assistant to begin your print!

Helpful Videos

Exporting an stl from Fusion 360 (2022)

Simple Troubleshooting

If something is not working, here are a few things to check:

  • Can't connect to server?
    • Make sure you are connected to "Berry" Wifi
  • Print messed up or didn't finish
    • Ask a lab assistant to restart the print