Equipment Guide

Button Maker

Located in Wearables

The Button Maker is a tool that allows printed images to be pressed into a laminated button pin.

Guide Last Updated: Fall 2022

Example Projects Setup/Cleanup Materials Software Instructions Troubleshooting

Example Projects

These are a few example projects to give some ideas of what this tool can help create:

Example 1 Example 2

Equipment Setup & Cleanup

When using this piece of equipment, please use materials from this list below:

Setup Pieces Needed

  • Button Maker (Left) & Cutter (Right)
    Example 1
  • Button Supplies
    Example 1

Clean Up

  • Clean up trash
  • Put back in box
  • Place back on shelf

If there are any pieces missing, please inform a Lab Assistant so we can look to replace the missing piece.

Usable Materials

When using this piece of equipment, please use materials from this list below:


*The links to find these products are not the only place you can buy material from, just a reference*

  • 1.25" Button Materials Shopping Link
  • Standard printer paper (with button design)

If the material that you want to use is not listed, ask Zane about other materials used with this equipment.

Helpful Software

These applications are often used to help create a project with this piece of equipment:


If you need help setting up or using software, please ask a Lab Assistant for help!

Equipment Instructions

If you have already used this piece of equipment before, below is a short guide to get you ready to create.

If this is your first time using this piece of equipment, please ask a Lab Assisant for supervision and advice!

Quickstart Guide

  • Use this PDF to create your button design to scale: Button Template PDF
  • Print out your design on paper
  • Gather 1.25 inch button supplies
  • Reference video below on how to use the Button Maker

Helpful Videos

Button Making Tutorial

Simple Troubleshooting

If something is not working, here are a few things to check:

  • Are the pieces in the correct orientation?
  • Is the design face up?
  • Are you using the correct size button materials?