Equipment Guide

Laser Cutter

Located in Clean Prototyping

The Laser Cutter is a machine that allows for precision cutting or etching onto surfaces such as wood and acrylic. The machine uses a consentrated laser to burn through the material to cut desired designs.

Guide Last Updated: Fall 2022

Lab Assisant Version

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Troubleshooting Warnings Parts and Supplies Instructions

Advanced Troubleshooting

If something is not working, here are a few things to check:

  • Is the material not cutting?
    • Check the material cut settings
    • Check the bed leveling
    • If wiggle test fails try a second pass
    • Increase the power by 5 (Do not exceed 10 above preset level)

Tool Warnings

If any of these things occur, take precaution and get a lab director:

Dangerous Signs

  • Material catches fire
    • Stop the cut
    • Put out fire (Or take material outside)
  • Loud, uncommon grinding noises occur
    • Stop the cut, something may be caught or broken
  • Toxic smell appears
    • Stop the cut immediately and leave the lid CLOSED (Keeping the vent on is key)
    • Make sure the material is not on the do not cut list
    • Get Zane or a Lab Director before continuing cut

This piece of equipment is always to be supervised while in use. Never leave the Laser Cutter while there is a cut in progress.

Equipment Instructions

This is guide with give a more indepth understanding of the equipment

Advanced Guide
Software features

  • Design Studio Raster
    • In addition to a DXF file, you can also import a pure black & white PNG or JPG
    • Import the picture into the software using "File" then "Import"

Equipment Calibration

  • Leveling the laser cutter:
    • Step 1: Use the acrylic leveling tool attatched to the red string
    • Step 2: Test if leveling tool can pass underneath the laser
    • Step 3: Remove the leveling tool, and use the buttons on the laser cutter to raise or lower the bed
    • Step 4: Once the bed has stopped moving, test again
    • Step 5: Repeat until leveling tool barely passes under the laser