Equipment Guide

Vinyl Cutter

Located in Wearables

The Vinyl Cutter is a tool that is used to create decals that can be applied to various surfaces such as: laptops, bottles, cars, shirts, and more!

Guide Last Updated: Fall 2022

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Troubleshooting Warnings Parts and Supplies Instructions

Advanced Troubleshooting

If the machine is not working, here are a few things to check:

  • Not cutting correctly?
    • Clean blade
    • Make sure vinyl is cut on the correct side
  • Not connecting to vinyl cutter?
    • Make sure Vinyl Cutter is plugged in to a power outlet and the computer via usb
    • In the cut menu, click "Test connection." The blade should move slightly
    • Make sure the design is an SVG

Use this link to access the online manual: Manual Link

Tool Warnings

If any of these things occur, act quickly to prevent damage to the equipment:

Dangerous Signs

  • Vinyl Cutter jams
    • Stop the cut
    • Remove all material from machine
  • Vinyl Cutter sparks
    • Turn off machine
    • Unplug machine
    • Inform Zane and do NOT plug it back in
  • Heat Press sparks
    • Turn off machine
    • Unplug machine
    • Inform Zane and do NOT plug it back in
  • Heat Press burns fabric
    • Turn off and unplug Heat Press
    • If material is burning, put out fire and take material outside

Replacement Parts & Supplies

Links to cheap supplies and/or replacement parts


Equipment Instructions

This is guide with give a more indepth understanding of the equipment

Advanced Guide
Equipment Calibration

  • Baseline Settings:
    • Do a test cut with settings Speed: 100mm/s, Force: 20g
    • If cut doesn't go through then increase force by 10-30
    • If force is over 150g and not cutting through, the blade may need cleaning or replacement

  • Cleaning The Blade:
    • Unscrew housing
      Heat Transfer Vinyl
    • Push the back of the casing, this will push the blade out to be cleaned
      Heat Transfer Vinyl
    • The blade is magnetic and will retract when the button is released
      Heat Transfer Vinyl

  • Replace Blade
    • Unscrew housing
      Heat Transfer Vinyl
    • Push blade out and then remove
      Heat Transfer Vinyl
    • The blades are magnetic, so once removed insert new blade in
    • Once blade is secured in casing, return casing to the Vinyl Cutter Housing
      Heat Transfer Vinyl