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Graduates from the Creative Technologies program at Berry College have a wide variety of skills including:

  • Prototyping & Product Design
  • 3D Modeling & 3D Printing
  • Programming & Web Design
  • Hardware and Electronics Design
  • CNC Fabrication
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|| 1 Jan 1970
Graphic Designer

Georgia Institute of Technology // Atlanta, GA

You will help to develop and produce graphic designs for print

Responsibilities: Review final products with users Keep an eye on industry trends

Skills: Bachelors degree of arts or related field Knowledge of graphic design principles Knowledge of graphic design processes

CORY MULLINS || 11 Sep 2019
mechanical engineer - printed electronics

HP Labs // Palo Alto, CA

In this job one will partake in R&D on advanced polymer 3D printing methods, must be able to optimize the process for expressing advance 3D print materials and will be a team member tasked with research to generate new products, technologies, and intellectual property.

Responsibilities: the responsibilities of this job are to be a good team player which sounds obvious but when working on a team, it can't be stressed enough, must execute portions of their research plans.

Skills: Must be proficient in CAD, electronics design, or metrology testing. Must have a basic understanding of ink and 3D printing basics, must have strong analytical and critical thinking skills.

Stephen Joseph Arena || 11 Sep 2019
Graphic Designer - Print, Digital & Motion

Marriot International // Nahville, TN

Use creative design, computer graphics, and production layouts to create marketing materials such as brand identities, logos, and presentations to reflect the hotel image and brand.

Responsibilities: Assess style needs of the company to deliver concepts, layouts, logos, etc. Maintain awareness of current design trends to assist with development and maintenance of brand and hotel graphic standards.

Skills: Three years of proven graphic design experience. Advanced knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite. Experience with web design or video editing software is a plus.

Olivia Logan || 11 Sep 2019
Engineering Project Manager

Kickr Design // Atlanta, GA

Helping manage engineers and workflows centered around the product development process.

Responsibilities: Coordinate on-time deliveries, manage project development, and manufacturing

Skills: mechanical design experience, project management and leading of teams, working in a fast-paced environment, bachelors in engineering or equivalent

Andrew Myers || 11 Sep 2019
Job Description - Printed Circuit Board Design Specialist (WD30069648113) Printed Circuit Board Design Specialist

Johnson Controls // New Freedom, PA

You will be designing PCBs of varying complexity.

Responsibilities: You will responsible for developing a PCB component library, you will have to prepare assembly drawings.

Skills: Have an understanding of electronic symbols and how they operate together, have a basic understanding of PCB manufacturing.

Cory Mullins || 1 Jan 1970
Design Engineer (Foot and Ankle)

Gilbert Meher // Atlanta, GA

Develop and design new medical products related to the lower extremities. Apply and Gain FDA approval for said products.

Responsibilities: Design and develop new products, work with the product for the entire life cycle, design quality control procedures, assist different departments in relation to the product.

Skills: 3D CAD experience, Deep understanding of orthopedic medical devices, Extensive lower extremity sector knowledge, Product lifestyle experience, 4-6 years experience product development experi

Andrew Myers || 11 Sep 2019
Doodles Creative Technologist

Google // Mountain View, CA

You will be in charge of creating the doodles that are a part of the Google Homepage. The Doodles team researches, pitches, and creates doodles in order to inform and educate people the moment that they go onto Google. You will need to pay special attention to UX Design and also be able to pitch

Responsibilities: Pitch ideas and create digital experiences. Complete projects in a timely manner Turn creative concepts into high-fidelity interactive prototypes for testing and analysis. Write smart, extensible c

Skills: Experience in designing usable web-based interfaces. Expertise with industry standard creative software Knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, CSS and bespoke Javascript libraries for rapid prototyping pur

Hunter Abell || 11 Sep 2019
User Experience Designer II

Cox Automotive Inc // Atlanta, GA

Creating and updating websites and applications for Cox Automotive. You will need to work independently on the design and creation of many pages on the app and website, while also being able to listen to user feedback to update the things you create

Responsibilities: Designing and implementing new pages for the application and website Create design deliverables in order to show what you plan on doing Develop user research and usability tests Maintain your pages

Skills: CSS, Javascript, and HTML experience is needed Working in Sketch and Envision 2+ years of working on websites and/or apps 4+ years working in design understandings of graphic design principles

Hunter Abell || 11 Sep 2019
Game Designer

Pipeworks Studios // Eugene, Oregon

With Pipeworks Studios, you will work with a others from a handful of other fields in order to develop ideas as well as working closely with all to bring these ideas to life.

Responsibilities: Develop concepts for potential future projects, create and maintain content and system design documentation, collaborate with artists, designers, and programmers, work with cross discipline team.

Skills: 2 years of game development experience ability to work with a team, experience creating visual mockups, under experience design, or general game flow.

Paul van Wingerden || 11 Sep 2019
Graphic Designer

Blue Force Gear, Inc. // Pooler, GA

The purpose of this graphic design job is to create various new marketing materials for Blue Force Gear’s existing and future product lines.

Responsibilities: The main responsibility for this job will be to work alongside a Marketing Team to create designs for their various forms of advertising (print, social media, etc.).

Skills: The major practical skill that this job requires is the ability to use software from Adobe’s Creative Suite. The company specifies proficiency in Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator.

Kristian Anderson || 11 Sep 2019
Designer, Southern Living

Meredith Corporation // Birmingham, AL

Working for Southern Living Magazine, you will be cooperating with members of the creative teams to design upcoming issues of the magazine. You will assist in photography [editing] and take part in story development for each presented topic.

Responsibilities: You will assist in creating issues of Southern Living by designing page layouts and collaborating in photo shoots and editing these photos to fit the theme of the stories on those pages.

Skills: Candidates for this job must have a Bachelor's Degree in design or a related field. You must also have a strong visual sensibility and be familiar with Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

Jackson Stewart || 11 Sep 2019
Graphic Designer

Luvu Brands // Atlanta, GA

You will be working with a small creative team to develop advertising content for the products of each brand this company creates. This content will be used in their websites, as well as in retailer material. These must be made in a timely fashion, effective in driving sales, and promote the brand.

Responsibilities: Maintain brand presentation through varying social media platforms while exploring new avenues. Cooperate with each marketing department to develop new content for advertising on these platforms.

Skills: Bachelor's Degree in Design, and a portfolio of your design work in that field of study. Effective communication and time management. Experience with the Adobe Creative Suite strong photography sk

Jackson Stewart || 11 Sep 2019
3-D Printing Service Technician

MLC CAD Systems // Atlanta, GA

You will work with MLC CAD Systems to provide people in the community with the hardware and software needed to use 3-D printers along with services for maintenance and training.

Responsibilities: You will provide both hardware and software training at the customers facilities as well as provide problem diagnosis and repair on these products along with providing maintenance.

Skills: Computer Systems experience, Experience operating and servicing 3-D printers, experience with hand tools, professional people skills

Paul van Wingerden || 11 Sep 2019
3D Printer Technician

3DEO // Gardena, CA

in this job one oversees the jobs 3D printers and ensure everything runs smoothly since they're printing metal. This means one must be able to perform general maintenance on the machine.

Responsibilities: one must inspect parts for quality and make sure both the machine and parts are taken care of after each print is finished. Also, they must make sure everything is logged and printed appropriately.

Skills: According to the ad, one must be proficient in handheld measuring tools such as calipers, must be able to lift a minimum of 40 pounds and should have a general part processing experience.

Stephen Joseph Arena || 11 Sep 2019
Printed Circuit Board Designer

Garmin // Cary, NC

Garmin needs complex PCB Designs as well as setting up data for complex high-speed designs. They are looking for problem-solvers who can design the PCBs in their products which are anything from GPS to wearables.

Responsibilities: Provides feedback to Design Engineers, the right priorities in each PCB Design, provides reliable solutions to technical problems, adds value to engineering design reviews.

Skills: Knowledge of PCB design “best practices” and design standards, expert proficiency using eCAD tools, ability to interpret basic design intent from schematics, thorough knowledge of PCB manufacturin

Joey Pratt || 11 Sep 2019
Technology Counselor

Emagination Tech Camp // Atlanta, GA

Putting together Technology with a fervor to educate the next generation, you will have a summer full of personal growth and social development. This is a summer camp aimed at 8-17 year-olds that are looking for a fun time with technology.

Responsibilities: Live on campus with campers. Supervise, Care and Nurture during the day, evening and weekends, teach tech courses, Lead program activities including outdoor physical, board, and card games.

Skills: 3D Modeling Printing, Virtual & Augmented Reality, Digital Storytelling, Photoshop, Web Design, Minecraft World Design, Scratch 2, Python/Pycharm, Piper with Raspberry Pi & Minecraft Redstone.

Joey Pratt || 11 Sep 2019
Product Designer

Turner Broadcasting // Atlanta, GA

Work with the CNN Digital Product Design team to further develop CNN's digital news products on mobile, tablet, and desktop platforms. In this position you will be a part of the design process from start to finish, and will focus on creating intuitive, feature-rich experiences for the end user.

Responsibilities: Conduct usability and user-centered research to enhance current and future developments. Analyze UI problems and solutions, and provide design deliverables that meet business goals and requirements.

Skills: A strong portfolio with real-world UX and visual design solutions. Knowledge about best practices for UX design. Experience using Sketch, InVision, Principle and Abstract design software.

Olivia Logan || 11 Sep 2019
Creative Designer

FCA // Auburn Hills, MI

You will be designing and creating new driving experiences. You will be working in the Design Studio, collaborating with engineering and developers, to develop 2D and 3D deisgns. Must submit a portfolio with application.

Responsibilities: Create advanced design proposals. Create 2D & 3D designs. Create driving experiences. Communicate with the Technical Engineering team.

Skills: Knowledge of Alias, Illustrator, and Photoshop. Manual and digital sketching. 2D & 3D design. Knowledge of automotive industry. Ability wto work with technical engineers.

Rachel Bibbey || 11 Sep 2019
Ergonomics Engineer General

RLE International, Inc. // Dearborn, MI

You will be making sure the ergonomic design for a program meets the industry standards while working with Design Studio and Vehicle Engineering activities. You will also be providing input on User Interface research to improve the UI of the vehicles.

Responsibilities: Knowing ergonomic requirements/standards. Synthesizing research into modeling information structures, screen layouts, screen flows. Contribute to Ergonomic standards.

Skills: Required: Microsoft Office, CATIA V5, 0-5yrs experience Preferred: Ford Program experience, knowledge of GPDS, eFDVS, Feasibility, and Checkpoint (FC) Process, 35 yrs experience in UI testing

Rachel Bibbey || 10 Sep 2019




|| 10 Sep 2019




|| 1 Jan 1970
CNC Machinist/Programmer

Vader’s Vault // Cumming, GA

Vader’s Vault is a company that specializes in creating high-quality Star Wars props (mainly lightsabers) for cosplayers and filmmakers. This position is for the head of the Vault’s prototyping division. Pay will be determined based on an applicant’s “experience and production capability.”

Responsibilities: Members of the prototyping division will be responsible for designing and fabricating small batches of the company’s products by a set deadline.

Skills: One year of experience using a variety of CNC machines (lathes and 4th axis milling), plus CAM and CAD (Solidworks) software. Able to solve problems, work under pressure, and be creative.

Kristian Anderson || 9 Sep 2019
Jr Creative Technologist

Mousetrappe // Burbank, CA

Mousetrappe is looking for candidates that bring artistry and technical components of a media production all into one.

Responsibilities: You will work to determine new hardware and software implementations, troubleshoot workflow and suggest improvements. In addition, you will help with the appeal of content through previz.

Skills: Be able to create artist templates, knowledge of AE, Maya, C4D, Shotgun, Adobe Premiere, and Photoshop, have experience with real time software such as Unity, Unreal, TouchDesigner, NotchFX, and more.

Miles Mitchell || 8 Sep 2019
Creative Technologist

Generation Infocus // Hapeville, GA

The creative technologist will use his/her creativity and prototyping skills to create new webpage designs while also managing user interface and user experience frameworks. Additional tasks include computer system analysis, installation, maintenance, and upgrades.

Responsibilities: Responsibilities include but aren't limited to maintaining and developing brands associated with Generation Infocus.

Skills: A bachelor degree in market research, graphic design, and two plus years of experience in management are required. Additional skills include working with Adobe & Microsoft Suite.

Miles Mitchell || 8 Sep 2019

Nike // Beaverton, OR

Utilizing cutting edge technology and techniques, you will help improve Nike's digital technology in several different areas, including but not limited to ios development, mobile applications, cloud architecture, and machine learning.

Responsibilities: Design, write and test software to solve a business problem Collaborate with other engineers and stakeholders to design solutions and resolve technical issues Be an active participant in team meetin

Skills: Pursuing a degree in computer science or related field Ability to write competent code Enthusiasm Knowledge of one or more mainstream coding languages Good communication skills

Brandon Bogard || 8 Sep 2019
Internship - Computer Engineering or Computer Science

Hussmann Corp. // Bridgeton, MO, United States

You will get hands on experience in the major that you chose as well as participate in a big project with other interns in order to reach a practical business solution. You will be mentored by experienced peers and participate in community outreach programs.

Responsibilities: Work in teams with other interns on big projects. Be helpful in the community. Listen and learn from mentors.

Skills: Applicants must be currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering or Computer Science and have at least a 3.0 GPA

Brandon Bogard || 8 Sep 2019
Project Engineer/Design Engineer

Witte Pumps & Technology LL // Lawrenceville, GA

This position will help handle all aspects project engineering for orders received from our North and South American customers. After an order is received, one of our Project Engineers becomes the lead member of our team to design, assemble and ship the pump system from our Lawrenceville, GA facilit

Responsibilities: Project management Equipment design in Solidworks Assembly drawings to suit customer requirements Drawing submittals to customers and coordination of required revisions

Skills: Knowledge of pumps, project management, knowledge of fluids

Andrew Myers || 7 Sep 2019
Software Engineering Analyst

Coca Cola // Atlanta, GA

Understand the fundamentals and principles of technology and who want to solve business problems on a global scale in a large, complex environment.

Responsibilities: Be passionate to quickly learn new technologies, willing to jump into difficult situations, have a strong verbal and written communication.

Skills: Competent in mobile application development, enterprise platforms, cloud platforms, etc. Must have completed an IT Internship with The Coca-Cola Company in the Summer of 2019.

Cory Mullins || 7 Sep 2019
Scrum Master

Unicorn Technologies // Alpharetta, GA

Job includes the upkeep of the methodologies and practices while protecting the dev team from the stakeholders.

Responsibilities: Implementing, supporting, and upholding the rules and practices of scrum, agile, and kanban. While continually keeping measurables and deliverables on time.

Skills: Kanban, Scrum, Agile, DevOps, communication skills, and management experience

Andrew Myers || 7 Sep 2019
Creative Technoloist

Outernets // New York City

Looking for a creative technologist to join front-end engineering team and create interactive OOH experiences. This is a start up company that needs advertising that is fun and enjoyable.

Responsibilities: Create interactive demos using: augmented reality, face filters, short-form videos, social media apps, and artistic patterns/backgrounds that respond to people walking by.

Skills: HTML, JavaScript, Amazon Web Services (for hosting demos), creating abstract ideas, 1+ years experience. Recommended: THREE.js and PIXI.js for 3D & 2D design, experience with NoSQL.

Rachel Bibbey || 7 Sep 2019
Hybrid Designer

IBM // New York, NY

You will research, design, prototype, and test designs to develop the best end-to-end user experiences. IBM is re-inventing their brand needs someone for visual design and to integrate a new UX. Req ID 249934BR

Responsibilities: Participate in design research, work with discipline leads, create UX wireframes, present design solutions, document specs, test and launch new designs.

Skills: 1+ years, familiar with Enterprise Design Thinking, experience with Agile, understanding interaction design, out-of-box designs, mastery of prototyping skills: Sketch, inVision, Adobe creative suite.

Rachel Bibbey || 7 Sep 2019
UI/UX Designer, Digital Innovation Team

TSYS // Alpharetta, GA

Working with the Digital Innovation team, you will strive to develop a unique user experience for web and mobile applications focusing on modernizing mobile banking, mobile payments, and ecommerce as a whole.

Responsibilities: Design, test, and improve user interfaces to enable and enhance the user experience. Help create mobile, web and IoT products. Help research and design User Experience flow.

Skills: Background in Human-Computer interaction, Information Science, Design, and Computer Science or related field. Cross platform design experience. Strong knowledge of usability principles and techniques

Olivia Logan || 7 Sep 2019
Process Engineer

Georgia Transformer Corp // Rincon, GA

Design, develop, test, and evaluate integrated systems for managing industrial production processes including human work factors, quality control, inventory control, logistics and material flow, cost analysis, and production coordination.

Responsibilities: In this work environment it is up to you to get things done so you must be self motivated and reliable because other people are counting on you.

Skills: For this job you must be physically fit as there are several physical demands. Must have bachelors degree.

Stephen Joseph Arena || 7 Sep 2019
Full Stack Developer

The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc // Rome, GA

Full Stack web developer using JavaScript, HTML, CSS working to develop internet architectures and web applications. The job environment will be focused around Scrum development methodology to build complex and modern web applications.

Responsibilities: Ability to develop detailed application designs using proven industry patterns. Coordinate between departments and clients to develop and implement complex business solutions.

Skills: Experience using JavaScript, Java, Angular JS, HTML, CSS, Oracle, and SQL. Thorough understanding of both front-end and back-end web development technologies and frameworks.

Olivia Logan || 7 Sep 2019
PCB Design Engineer

Ford // Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Collaborate with engineers and manufacturers to produce PCBs that comply with spec as well as ensuring manufacturability and cost effectiveness

Responsibilities: Collaborate with engineers, develop component library, document designs, work with manufacturers, keep up with the latest guidelines and regulations

Skills: experience with 3d modeling, familiarity with Microsoft office. Team player as well as self motivated. Communication and attention to detail. Comfortable with domestic and international travel.

Dexter Serrao || 7 Sep 2019
Junior Character Artist- Marketing CPG

Illumination Entertainment // Santa Monica, CA

You will be tasked with working to bring a variety of animated characters to life. Using your own artistic talents, you will be creating new animated characters and working with already-existing characters. You will also be creating products based off those characters, ranging from clothing to toys.

Responsibilities: You will be responsible for executing various character in many art forms- collaborating with Universal Studios in this endeavor- as well as developing consumer products using existing characters.

Skills: Minimum of 2 years of experience with animation and/or consumer products is needed, as well as solid artistic and communication skills. Strong storytelling capabilities are also sought after here.

Jackson Stewart || 7 Sep 2019
PCB Designer

Omron Management Center of America Company Location // Chatsworth, CA

This job will require you to perform various tasks related to PCB design such as placement of components and creating of traces. You also have to ensure you design for manufacturing, comply with standards and match the engineering departments needs.

Responsibilities: Design PCBs, maintain component library, ensure designs comply to IPC standards, analyze engineering specs, ensure design for manufacturability.

Skills: 2 years of PCB design experience, intermediate knowledge of circuit board design and problem solving skills. Collaboration, planning and organizational skills. Ability to work in a team.

Dexter Serrao || 7 Sep 2019
Junior Artist

Aristocrat Technologies, Inc. // Atlanta, GA

You will be working with game artists to create a wide array of artistic elements that will be used in video games created by Gimmie Games.

Responsibilities: You will be responsible for cooperating with senior artists and designers to create artistic elements for video games. You must bring your own unique artistic vision to the project and follow budgets.

Skills: You must have vast experience working in Adobe Photoshop and After Effects, as well as an understanding of design principles. Strong organizational and social skills are also required for this field.

Jackson Stewart || 7 Sep 2019
Field Service Technician

CBE, Inc // Rome, GA

CBE, Inc is looking for field service technicians to run diagnostics, repair, replace, update and install software and hardware in various locations in or around Rome, Ga. This job is a full time job with several benefits including but not limited to a 401K, dental, medical and visual insurance.

Responsibilities: Work with clients to meet all their needs. Be proficient in all POS equipment including video surveillance equipment or alarms.

Skills: Must be comfortable on a ladder and able to lift a minimum of 70 pounds. Must be proficient in Microsoft office suite, adept in Telnet, Internet Explorer, SharePoint, and VPN’s.

Stephen Joseph Arena || 7 Sep 2019
Exhibition Product Manager

Micro // Brooklyn, New York

You help manage museum projects for Micro and coordinating with contractors to help create six foot museum projects that are both innovative and interactive.

Responsibilities: The responsibilities are to assist with designing and fabricating of Micros museum projects as well as coordinating between contractors and designers on the project.

Skills: Some skills include working well with people, organization and coordination skills, the ability to create and use software as well as all types of hardware. Knowledge of modeling technology is useful

Paul van Wingerden || 7 Sep 2019
Makerspace Technology Creative Instructor

TechAhoy // Ridgewood Queens, NY

Create Lesson Plans and guide students from lower to middle school during after school programs and other types of programs such as camps to help create a basis for coding, design, robotics, etc.

Responsibilities: Generate new program ideas and lesson plans for the programs and clubs. Provide hands on support while educating and encouraging the students in their activities.

Skills: Bachelors degree in science or technology type fields. Strong interpersonal skills, familiarity in Arduino type works, strong desire to build and create.

Paul van Wingerden || 7 Sep 2019
Embedded Systems Engineer

Vaizva // Alpharetta, GA

Engineering IoT modules and Integrating with cloud solutions is a key component of the business aspect. You would be developing several standards-based IoT modules for their clients from diversified domains.

Responsibilities: responsible for designing highly efficient and robust embedded systems which include but not limited to system architecture design, low-level coding on C, testing, deployment, and support.

Skills: Complete knowledge of embedded circuit designing. Basic circuit troubleshooting knowledge. Proficiency in schematic and PCB layout understanding. C coding knowledge on microcontrollers.

Joey Pratt || 7 Sep 2019
Lead Instructor

STREM HQ // Alpharetta, GA

We are looking for enthusiastic, energetic and fun instructors that will inspire the next generation of makers by working in an after school program. A part-time position from 4-20 hours/week depending on your schedule.

Responsibilities: As a Lead Instructor, you will follow our general curriculum and add your style to start kids down the road to coding and robotics. Responsible for small group instruction and our equipment.

Skills: Desire to make a difference in education Organization skills Have an excellent work ethic, be dependable Great communication skills College-level majoring in Technology/ Design or Engineering

Joey Pratt || 7 Sep 2019
Game Designer

Blizzard Entertainment // Irvine, CA

We are searching for a talented designer to join the ranks of our development team with a focus on designing single-player missions that flesh out the outrageous world of Hearthstone and highlight fun new mechanics.

Responsibilities: contribute to the ongoing development of new tools for designers, continual iteration on mission design based on team feedback and playtests.

Skills: Minimum 2 years of experience in game design role with at least one shipped title, passion for making and playing video games, bachelors degree or equivalent experience.

Cory Mullins || 7 Sep 2019
Software Developer

Wizards of the Coast // Renton, WA

You will be responsible for creating all the rules for the online version of Magic the Gathering. You will need to code in all the different ways that the cards interact with each other as they are played and used.

Responsibilities: Programming the comprehensive rules of Magic. Adding functionality and content to our automated testing framework. Crafting tools to help your fellow developers Code reviewing, brainstorming, and h

Skills: 3+ years of object-oriented design experience 3+ years working with C++ and/or Python 3+ years designing and implementing gameplay systems

Hunter Abell || 7 Sep 2019
Information Architect

Wizards of the Coast // Renton, WA

You will be responsible for looking at the data involving all of their games and other products and be expected to format it for their system. After putting it into the system, you will need to understand and use it to make informed business decisions.

Responsibilities: Identifies and documents the architectural direction for Data Services and products Designs the overall structure for each architectural view Maintains a broad view of product architecture

Skills: Broad understanding of infrastructure data services technologies Experience with requirements analysis, software development, databases, hardware, quality assurance, and technology operations.

Hunter Abell || 7 Sep 2019
3D Designer / 3D Modeler

Toybox Labs INC // Savannah, GA

Toybox is seeking highly creative and talented 3D designers and 3D modelers who take pride in quality of work and are also passionate about building fun things. You will create designs that kids and families all over the world will immediately be able to 3D print and enjoy.

Responsibilities: Work with the Product team to conceptualize and create print-ready models and deliver high quality designs with an emphasis on interactive building experiences.

Skills: Experience with 3D software such as Maya, Solidworks, Rhino, etc. Experience with 3D printing. Understanding of 3D printing limitations. Good time management, communication, and collaboration skills.

Kristian Anderson || 7 Sep 2019
Tactical Gear Soft Goods Designer

Blue Force Gear, Inc. // Pooler, GA

The Tactical Gear Soft Goods Designer will design and develop forward thinking, innovative, and revolutionary products appropriate for the intended customer, ensuring design and adherence to the brand tenants are to the highest standard.

Responsibilities: Design, develop, and construct prototypes. Use straight stich, walking foot, bartack, and lockstitch sewing machines. Select materials required to create products. Prepare technical flat sketches.

Skills: Knowledge of current resources in the tactical gear industry (hardware and fabric). Proficient in Optitex (or equivalent), MS Office, Illustrator, & CAD programs. Accomplished time management skills.

Kristian Anderson || 7 Sep 2019
Undergraduate Internship/Co-op Program - Computer Science

CIA // Washington, DC

Work alongside full time officers in many different departments utilizing cutting edge software/hardware.

Responsibilities: Responsibilities are not listed on the job application. I assume this is because many of them may be confidential in nature.

Skills: degree in any of the following: Artificial Intelligence Computer Engineering Computer Science Data Science/Analytics Machine Learning Mathematics organizational, planning, interpersonal,skil

Brandon Bogard || 7 Sep 2019
Software Developer

APT Research, Inc. // Huntsville, AL

The main focus of this job is to develop the first release of the Population Risk for Explosives Transport by Truck (PRETT) tool. This includes both the front end interface as well as the back end code.

Responsibilities: You are responsible for preparing the PETT tool exactly as specified in the guidelines. Also, you are responsible for documenting all of the work for future iterations.

Skills: Minimum 1 year web-based software development. Knowledge of Agile software development processes. Knowledge of mapping software Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

Brandon Bogard || 7 Sep 2019
Design Engineer

Northwood Design Partners // Union City, CA

A qualified candidate will prepare detailed working drawings of office furniture, reception stations, and custom mill work as well as identify areas of improvement to increase efficiency

Responsibilities: Responsibilities include preparing diagrams and drawings, Calculating dimensions and tolerance based on Northwood standards, Reviewing and modifying designs to reduce production deficiencies, and more

Skills: Experience in mechanical drafting, manufacturing, familiarity with interior design, architectural designs, 3D auto CAD, industrial design and diagrams.

Miles Mitchell || 7 Sep 2019
CAD/CAM Design Engineer

Precision Laser Services // Fort Wayne, IN

An engineer is needed to manage process creation and improvement, new part launches, and have the ability to program and provide support on the production floor. A candidate should be able to produce 2D and 3D CAD from customers prints and files.

Responsibilities: Responsibilities include working closely with the department lead and machinist, assisting the machines with process questions, Creating estimates for machines and turned parts, and more.

Skills: Experience with computer aided design, common area maintenance, and be able to produce code for mills, lathes, and lasers.

Miles Mitchell || 7 Sep 2019
Equipment Operator

Sparkfun // Boulder, CO

The Equipment Operator is expected to perform all necessary duties and responsibilities required to ensure a steady flow of products off of the automated assembly line in a timely matter.

Responsibilities: Running a complete build including setup, building, and tear down processes. Stenciling accurately and efficiently at a high level of complexity. Reflow oven & selective soldering operation.

Skills: Experience with SMD & PTH soldering Ability to lift up to 50 pounds Consistent work habits, including reliability, punctuality, honesty, & self-motivation

Zane Cochran || 7 Sep 2019
Design Engineer Internship

Formation Design Group // Atlanta, GA

This position calls for a creative, multidisciplinary, hands-on engineer capable contributing throughout the product development process. This includes conducting feasibility studies to define the problem space, researching materials and processes, spatial configuration exploration.

Responsibilities: Provide technical insight to internal teams for issues related to engineering feasibility, manufacturability, cost, sustainability, and material selection.

Skills: Understanding of various prototype and production manufacturing processes, such as forming, machining, injection molding, sheet metal design, and 3D printing.

Zane Cochran || 7 Sep 2019
Electronics Engineer

Empire Electronic Corporation // Stone Mountain, GA

Schematic capture and managing PCB layout design of the electrical system. Prototyping and validation of design concepts.

Responsibilities: Troubleshoot PCB. Design source file, Gerber file, Fab notes, review design layouts, impedance control, stack up setting. Provide technical support for PCB fabrication.

Skills: 1 year experience in the area of design of multi later PCB design, RF designing and testing, digital and analog mixed signal design circuits, generating Gerber files.

Zane Cochran || 7 Sep 2019

Zillion Lights LLC // Marietta, GA

Operate hand tools as required. Ability to use hand drill and drill holes. Ability to use soldering equipment and solder electrical wires. Ability to screw and install tiny parts.

Responsibilities: Detail oriented is a MUST. Should have mechanical and/or electrical aptitude (preferred)

Skills: Soldering, electronics, problem solving.

Zane Cochran || 7 Sep 2019
2020 Information Technology - Intern

Ford Motor Company // Dearborn, MI

At Ford Motor Company, we believe freedom of movement drives human progress. We also believe in providing you with the freedom of upward mobility as you strive to realize your professional dreams. We’ve got incredible plans for our future – and your future, too! We’re working on some pretty am

Responsibilities: Software Engineering, Cyber Security, Human Centric Design, Infrastructure Engineering & Operations, Product Management, Agile Teams

Skills: Human-Centered Design and Project Management.

Zane Cochran || 7 Sep 2019
PCB Manufacturing

Gorilla Circuits // San Jose, CA

Gorilla Circuits is one of the leading Printed Circuit Board Manufacturers in North America and is looking to fill positions in multiple departments.

Responsibilities: Would perform PCB fabrication duties such as: drilling imaging, AOI, lamination, and/or plating.

Skills: Prefer candidates with 2+ years of experience, but are open to working with trainees that possess some kind of manufacturing/assembly experience. High School Diploma or equivalent.

Mariah Kelly || 7 Sep 2019
Summer Engineering Mentor


Kinet-X provides comprehensive engineering curriculum and are looking for summer instructors who will work in classrooms, teaching students the fundamentals of hardware.

Responsibilities: Lead lessons on engineering. Work with students to develop their projects. Provide constant feedback to students. Contribute to the Kinet-X curriculum.

Skills: Experience with circuitry, Arduino, sensors or other hardware topics. Experience or knowledge teaching.

Mariah Kelly || 7 Sep 2019
Automation Engineer

Escapology, LLC // Apopka, FL

Automation Engineer required for Escapology, the fastest growing Escape Game Company in the World.

Responsibilities: Engineering interactions and challenges. Must be able to travel out of state for installs when needed (not constant but could be few times a year). Looking to start immediately for training.

Skills: Low Voltage Wiring (12-24v). Relay Knowledge and Understanding. PLC Experience is a plus. Soldering, Multi-Meter, and other electrical tools. Arduino/Raspberry Pi experience is a plus.

Mariah Kelly || 7 Sep 2019
Mechanical and Electronics Assembly

PROBOTIX // Fort Walton Beach, FL

Fort Walton Beach, Florida based robotics manufacturer is looking for a team player with basic electronics knowledge that is able to work well with their hands and shop tools.

Responsibilities: Assemble machines and electronics, and operate CNC machines. Experience is not necessary. Geekiness is essential.

Skills: Skills and interests that will help you obtain this job are: Hobbyist, Robotics, Arduino, Woodworking, Internet, Linux, Social Media, Soldering, SciFi, Artist, CAD, Software Development, Slashdot

Mariah Kelly || 7 Sep 2019
Junior Designer

Miller // Howell Township, NJ

This is a junior designer position working primarily on product brands, including assets like packaging, brand identity, websites, and marketing assets.

Responsibilities: Gathering reference material and research into market categories. Packaging design, presentations, branding, and brand extension. Some web design or web editing. Creating social media content.

Skills: Good knowledge of print production methods/processes. Solid command of primary design software (Adobe). A college degree. A well-developed portfolio will be a primary focus for candidacy.

Mariah Kelly || 7 Sep 2019
Jr. Graphic Designer

Embed Digital // Irvine, CA

Embed Digital is looking for a Jr. Graphic Designer with solid creative multimedia design and production skills, a teachable spirit, great attitude working with team members and clients, and able to follow artistic direction.

Responsibilities: Price/value changes on layouts. Exporting files and assets via Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects via Adobe Media Encoder (AME). Updating client screens on our CMS and MagicINFO.

Skills: Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects. In-Design and Premiere a bonus. Solid portfolio demonstrating strong comprehensive design and conceptual creativity. Basic image and video optimization.

Mariah Kelly || 7 Sep 2019
Graphic Designer

DMf Lighting // Los Angeles, CA

DMF Lighting has an immediate opening for a brilliant Graphic Designer to join their marketing team and to work alongside a Creative Director on a wide range of projects, both print & digital.

Responsibilities: Help conceive and design compelling visual narratives and brand experiences that support product launches, marketing campaigns, packaging, promotions, social media, trade shows, events, and more.

Skills: Proficiency in Adobe CC (Mac). Online portfolio showing a wide range of inspired and forward-thinking work. 3D rendering, motion graphics, photography, and video experience are a plus.

Mariah Kelly || 7 Sep 2019
LEGO Product Designer

LEGO Systems A/S // Billund, Denmark

Turn ideas into toys; looking for new, talented designers to sketch, prototype, develop, and build new play experiences and concepts.

Responsibilities: Creating new stories, themes and concepts by working with the whole design process ranging from research, co-creation over ideation, sketching of concepts and building real models from LEGO bricks.

Skills: Strong skills in sketching and key creative software programs e.g. Adobe. A formal education in industrial design, product design, toy design, fashion design or other creative education.

Mariah Kelly || 7 Sep 2019
Club Program Coordinator

Raspberry Pi Foundation // Oakland, CA

This position involves supporting growth and engagement of Code Club and CoderDojo after and out-of-school clubs, and to the execution of Coolest Projects, a national showcase event for youth who create with technology.

Responsibilities: Managing communications with prospective and existing club leaders, fielding questions, preparing email campaigns, and engaging with the public on social media.

Skills: Experience and a strong network in a relevant field, such as technology, education, digital making, STEM, STEAM, social enterprise, or nonprofit.

Mariah Kelly || 7 Sep 2019
Associate Product Designer

KiwiCo // Mountain View, CA

KiwiCo is an innovative eCommerce company that sparks kids creativity and curiosity through offline and online materials and inspiration.

Responsibilities: Working with all aspects of product development processes: conception, design, iteration, product testing, manufacturing and shipment, as well as material sourcing and documentation.

Skills: Proficient in Adobe Suite. Background in product or industrial design. Experience designing hands-on, educational projects for kids. Strong physical prototyping skills.

Mariah Kelly || 7 Sep 2019
Wearable Tech Teacher

Digital Media Academy // Seattle, WA

This is a teaching position that will teach wearable technology and fashion design to summer camp students at the University of Washington. This course is designed for young girls to explore the relationship between fashion and technology.

Responsibilities: Candidate will teach classes 5 days a week and develop lessons that include hands-on learning. Will also assist with set up and take down of classrooms each day and other administrative tasks.

Skills: Arduino programming, sewing, fashion design, classroom management skills, and one-on-one mentoring.

Zane Cochran || 7 Sep 2019
Jr. Concept Design Engineer

One World Technologies // Anderson, SC

One World Technologies, Inc dba TTI Power Equipment, has an opening in its Anderson, SC office for an Advanced Concepts Designer. This position requires a degree in one of the following disciplines; Industrial Design. The ideal candidate is someone who exhibits the maker mentality.

Responsibilities: Work with Product Management and Industrial Design to develop concepts for innovative products, including new designs, features, and product architecture.

Skills: Proficient in SolidWorks CAD package. Comfortable with functional prototype construction and testing. Experience in microcontroller programming, e.g. Arduino, Python, Raspberry Pi.

Zane Cochran || 7 Sep 2019