One of the most important aspects of the Creative Technologies program is understaning the basics of design. I began to understand that in a Two-Dimensional Design class. This class taught me how to create 2-D art using basic artistic techniques. I learne

Two-Dimensional Design

The Viking Chair is unique among my creations. It was an original idea I initially called the “Two-Plank Chair.” This prototype is a Hackathon project that became a learning experience in the Innovation and Commercialization class.

Viking Chair

This Color Composition Poster was part of the same Two-Dimensional Design class. I was tasked with taking a poster of my choice and breaking down the percentage of the colors in that poster. Using that percentage, I created a new poster using the same col

Color Composition Poster

My first major project as part of the Creative Technologies program was incorporating code into a kick scooter I was using to travel on campus. This code involved using a reed switch as a sensor for a magnet attached to the front wheel, which triggered Ne

Light Speeder

As a part of the Physical Computing class, we were given the task of making an object that can be used in the kitchen on a regular basis. So my partner- Kristian Anderson- and I came up with an idea for an environmental sensor that can be placed inside of

Cubby Monitor

While being a student of Psychology, I studied Applied Behavioral Analysis, and was given a project to demonstrate the basic ideas of behavioral analysis. To do this, I created a video project using the popular video game Horizon Zero Dawn, using the cues

ABA Contingency Video Project