Designer interested in optimizing the user experiences and making their experience memorable

The Chibikart was created with a groupof four other students. When creating it, I learned all about how electric vehicles work. I worked specifically on the electronics of the Chibikart. When we had to add a custom part, we decided to add electric NERF gu


The COOLer is what happened when I combined an old cooler that I had with a speaker system. I am a big fan of Bar-B-Ques, which i almost always bring my cooler to. I also bring a speaker system to liven up the party, but was tired of both these things tak


Sunset Drop was a game created using Processing, Arduino, an Xbox Kinect, and a custom made Infrared Controller. The group that I was with split the parts of the game up, and I was in charge of making the Infrared Controller and making sure that it talke

Sunset Drop