Josiah is currently studying Creative Technologies and Business at Berry College.

The Fresh Meat Notifier takes a temperature reading and reports its value to a cloud-based service that creates data visualizations for the end user.

Fresh Meat Notifier

Green Lights is a project that was created to teach students about physical computing using LEDs and the Arduino IDE.

Green Lights

The Charging Crate upcycles a milk crate into a charging station and it is currently being used in a Youth Center.

The Charging Crate

Adaptive Environment uses a Raspberry Pi and an RFID scanner to identify the individual and do a series of actions (turn on and off lights in this project) to personalize the room.

Adaptive Environment

Phone-In-The-Box is a project for those who just can’t keep their hands off those devices at night. The box will let you know when (11pm?) the phone needs to be on that charger using Lights and sounds. This is meant to boost health and wellness by helpi


Copper Railways takes on the thought process of an engineer as s/he finds the best route for a train to go. It uses an LED to visualize the speed of the trains and a resistor for slower tracks. It was a lesson that I took to Norway.

Copper Railways