The Indexer is a UV radiation sensor that will indicate whether or not the user needs to apply sunscreen with the push of a button.

The Indexer

The Weather Widget is a small, portable weather station that can inform the user of the temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, and approximate altitude of their immediate area.

Weather Widget

The Sower Saver is designed to alleviate the need for gardeners to bend over and get on their knees while planting certain seeds in their gardens.

Sower Saver

The Light Show is a PCB designed through EasyEDA that will display three different patterns on a 3pi x 3pi RGB LED matrix depending on which of the three buttons have been pressed.

Light Show

The Spectacular Storage Stool is a camping stool that was designed in Fusion 360 to have an ergonomic seating groove, two rows of “feet,” and a storage area large enough to fit a small cooler.

Spectacular Storage Stool

The Geographic Information System (GIS) software ArcMaps was used to find out what extent road and rail networks affect the “connectivity” of the Coosa, Etowah, and Oostanaula Rivers’ floodplains in the Coosa River Basin.

Coosa River Basin Floodplain Disconnection Maps