For My Intro to Prototyping Class Intermediate Project, I created a cabinet with an adjustable shelf inside. Due to my room being cluttered, i needed a way to store more item effeciently. Therefore, I created this cabinet with a rail system inside and an

Adjustable Shelf Cabinet

This project was made forthe hackathon class, which is a four hour design challenge. I used a large sheet of acrylic to cut out blades that i designed using inkscape. I also 3-D printed the handle for the project. then, i coded the neopixels for this proj

Energy Sword

This project was a co-operative project with a friend. We did this project for a hackthon and it was for a hackathon. Our goal was to upcycle a plastic crate and turned it into a charging space for kindles. The project was for the North Broad Youth Center

Charger Crate

The Dark Loung of the Sith was a cmapstool project that I made during the Intermediate Design Studio Class. The goal was to design a campstool within the parameters of 11”x11”, so I settled on a Star Wars themed one. I designed the stool in Fusion 360

Dark Lounge of the Sith