Mariah Kelly is a senior at Berry College, majoring in Creative Technologies with a minor in Chemistry. She is passionate about educational technology, art, and PCB design.

Worked as an assistant designer to Event Horizon, an interactive art display of 9216 neopixels woven into a 20x20ft net and suspended in the air. The viewer can interact with the piece by pressing into a mesh kiosk at the front of the display.

Event Horizon

Worked as a mentee under Zane Cochran in the development of the E.K.G. (Electric Karmann Ghia). This role mostly included body work such as grinding out rust and installing new parts.

The E.K.G.

The Viking Head LED Keychain is a PCB designed and constructed to sell to faculty, staff, students, and alumni at the Berry College Mountain Day event.

Viking Head Keychain

The RGB Pinwheel is an educational PCB that exemplifies the breakdown of the primary and secondary colors of light. RGB light is flashed so rapidly that, when held still, the color appears white; when spun, the breakdown can be seen.

RGB Pinwheel

The PacMan Ghost is a PCB that includes three animations cycled by a button press: the first flashes alternating light blue and white, the second displays a yellow “PacMan” light that moves across the board, and the third flashes dark blue to white.

PacMan Ghost

The DeskTop Device uses an ESP32 to pull and display data such as three different time zones, weather reports, stock prices, and the price of the Disney Monopoly board game available on Amazon.

DeskTop Device

Created several soft good projects using a variety of technologies, such as laser cutting, sewing, and embroidery.

Soft Goods

The Ghia Cover is a PVC structure that was designed, with the help of Zane Cochran, and built using PVC cement, connectors, and Tyvek. Its purpose is to keep the E.K.G. safe from the elements while being easy to remove.

Ghia Cover

The “Industrial Lace” Forearm Guard was inspired by artist Cal Lane. Its intended purpose is to add style and flare to a performing musician’s stage presence.

Forearm Guard