Dexter Serrao is a senior at Berry College majoring in Creative Technologies with a minor in Psychology. His main interests are leadership, creativity, and exploration.

Baby nut was made using a laser cutter and some paint in order to create a physical version of one of my favorite images on the internet.

Baby Nut

The CNC table did not first start out as a table, originally the idea was to to create an abstract design to cut out on the Crawlbot for a hackathon project. I ended up constructing the design in such a way that it effectively functioned as the leg of a t

CNC Table

During a Hackathon, myself and another student made a reaction game using an arduino and some lights and buttons. The game is started by pressing the button that corresponds to the orange light, after the game starts a random light will illuminate. If you

Reaction Game

This project started out as a block of foam that was hand carved down to the shape of a mouse. We then silicon casted the mouse in order to make a mold. We then used the mold to cast a version of our mice out of plastic, sanded them and painted them.

Mighty Mouse

Bitsy bop was the product of a design challenge issues to the student of a class titled Advanced Prototyping. Students were tasked with creating a circuit board within a 1”x1” footprint. I chose to recreate the classic game BopIt on a tiny circuit boa

Bitsy Bop

Pop art PCB is a project which used a PCB in order to create art. My circuit board was made in reference to the popular game Dark Souls. The board uses an ATTiny 85 and neopixels to accomplish 3 unique lighting modes.

Pop Art PCB