Interactive design student striving to acquire a position in graphic design or physical prototyping by applying design software and creativity.

Hidden in lights is an LED mask created with ~150 programmable LEDs to represent emotions and expressions through lights. Using a mapping technique I was able to show animations such as winking faces, smiles, and rain as well as thousands of different col

Hidden in Lights

Lightbulb World is just one of the many designs I have made over my graphic design career, but it stands out from many others due to its complexity in the way the pictures come together. It evokes a sense of calm and serenity when admiring the piece. Thro

Lightbulb World

Event Horizon the largest project I have worked on. It is 20 x 20ft and incorporates almost a 1⁄2 mile of programmable LEDs. Event Horizon is an interactive LED art installation that responds to visitor’s inputs to create a dazzling series of visualiz

Event Horizon