This device is a boot designed to help diabetic people who suffer from ulcers on the bottom of their feet. These people lose all feeling in their feet as a symptom of diabetes and will not know when they develop ulcers. What this boot does it uses a force


This is a custom-made throw pillow featuring all of the colors and symbols from the card game Magic the Gathering. The design was etched onto the fabric using a laser cutter and then sewn together using a sewing machine. I then hand painted the pillow ov

MTG Pillow

This is a console bag that I made my freshman year of college. It was disigned to carry my Xbox one in a safe place so that I did not need to box it up every time i wanted to move it. One of the greatest perks of this case was that I did not even have to

Console Carrying Case

This is a mockup of an auto flip spatula that I made in my physical computing class. This is the class where the students get introduced and immersed in Arduino. This spatula used a servo motor to turn when a button was pressed and a condition was met. Th

Mock Auto Spatula

This is a working auto flip spatula. It uses a servo in order to turn the blade and a button to start the flip. It was made in under four hours since it was designed to a Hackathon, which is a once a month event where you get four hours to make a product

Auto Flip Spatula

This book is a prop for my warlock character from my D and D campaign. It symbolizes the eldritch tome that my character always carries. It is made completely out of wood and I used belts in order to emulate leather bindings. In order to get the designs o

Warlock Prop Book

This is a wooden sword that I made for a class. It is modeled after the main character’s sword from the anime The Seven Deadly Sins. I made it out of a singular piece of wood. I cut the wood into pieces using a bandsaw and a hacksaw. Then I drilled hole

Meliodas Sword

This is a chair that I made using a CNC Router. First, I designed it online using a modeling program, then scheduled a time to cut the chair. The cut took over 6 hours to finish. On the right you can see the CNC router and the cuts as well as an unpainted

CNC Router Chair

This is a lamp that I made using a concrete mold. On the right you can see the mold I used as well as the hardened concrete. On the right you can see the lamp complete with the light bulb. The lamp plugs into the wall and is a fairly decent light source.

Concrete Lamp

This is a personal website that I made for a class. It holds my resume, linkden profile, education, and skills. This website is a simple yet effective way to get to know who I am, what I enjoy, and what I can do.

Personal Website