Ryan Quinn

Ryan Quinn is a Junior at Berry College. Ryan is a Creative Technologies major with a double minor in Business and Entrepreneurship.

legend of Whitmore

You play as the hero Whitmore, equipped with only his wits and his PCB weapon. Fight against Corona Cronies to save the day from the evil Coronavirus Boss
CSC 103: Creative Computing
Spring 2020

Solar Education

This is Solar Education. A program I wrote to help elementary students learn more about our universe. This program shows all the planets in our solar system including the moon, stars and the asteroid field between Jupiter and Mars. This program gives out
CRT 300: Rapid & Improvisational Prototyping
Spring 2020

Rainbow Box

Rainbow Box, is box made out of acyrllic plastic, neopixels and an Arduino. Rainbow box brings multicolor fun to a bland dorm room. With a touch of one of the sensors you can change the color of the box. You will go from a bored plain light to a fun multi
CRT 300: Rapid & Improvisational Prototyping
Spring 2020

Ryinski's Triangle

My final project in MAT 324. I created my own fractal based off of Seirpinski's Triangle fractal. For a fractal to be a fractal is needs two requirements, self-similarity, and infinite detail. Ryinski's Triangle meets both of these requirements.
MAT 324: Geometry for the Middle Grades
Fall 2020