Thomas Harlin

Hello! My name is Thomas Harlin, I am currently a Junor Creative Tech Major with both business and entrepreneurship minors. This Semester, I took CRT 399, Intermediate Design.

What's Your Color?

"What's Your Color" is an interactive game based on the RGB color spectrum. It was made using 3 potentiometers to control each value, 2 strips of neopixels to track progress, a screen for instructions, and 1 additional LED that you actively control.
CSC 235: Physical Computing
Spring 2020

The SaniStation

For this project, we had to identify a problem-area around campus and set up a sensor to observe it. We chose the sanitization in D-Hall, as we felt in the age of COVID cleanliness was very important.
CRT 399: Intermediate Design Studio
Fall 2020

The Hack-Helper

For our first project in the class, we had to make a remote and a web page to help the instructor track students' progress through assignments.
CRT 399: Intermediate Design Studio
Fall 2020