Heather Kobeck

Heather is a junior at Berry College. She is majoring in Creative Technology and minoring in both Computer Science and Web Development. She works with the Berry College Information and Technology Students and absolutely loves her job there.

Infinite Link

Infinite Link is a dorm room wall decoration that displays the classic Legend of Zelda logo. It contains remote control LEDs that create and infinity mirror effect illuminating the designs inside. When the LEDs are off, the piece turns into a wall mirror.
CRT 300: Rapid & Improvisational Prototyping
Spring 2020

Around the World

Around the World takes an ordinary globe and turns it into a learning game. It tests your knowledge on the world's seven continents. The computer displays a question and the user submits an answer by pressing the buttons located on the globe.
CSC 235: Physical Computing
Spring 2020

Bird BNB

This cozy bird house is made of purely natural materials. It provides a home for any sized bird and blends in well with the environment around it. The frame is made of poplar wood while the roof is made of evergreen trimmings.
CRT 300: Rapid & Improvisational Prototyping
Spring 2020

Bike Size

My goal for this project was to 3D model a shorter version of my cruising bike. The overall shape of the model is the same as the original bike, but the dimensions have been scaled down to provide a person my height with a more comfortable ride.
CRT 420: 3D Printing and Design
Fall 2020