Rose Wall

I'm a junior Visual Communications major who enjoys creating things of all forms. Prose, painting, woodworking, graphic design, video editing: you name it, I've tried it (or would really like to!).


Amidst the fiasco of pandemic-induced quarantine, I wanted to make something that could be created and appreciated at home. As such, I made a wind chime made from bamboo and twine.
CRT 300: Rapid & Improvisational Prototyping
Spring 2020

Pandora's Box

Just as opening Pandora's box led to many unexpected problems, so too did creating a wooden box from scratch end up far more complicated than I initially intended. Overall, however, building this box was an important and meaningful learning experience.
CRT 300: Rapid & Improvisational Prototyping
Spring 2020

Mugging Around

I created this 10"x10" painting to show a doughnut's transformation into a coffee mug and how it exemplifies the basic principles of topology, the mathematical study of surfaces.
MAT 105: Nature of Math
Fall 2020