Jamal Lewis

I am a Sophomore at Berry. I am in CSC 103 and CRT 420

J9 Speaker

I made a speaker with two 10in subwoofers with leds on it that fluctuate with the music
CRT 101: Introduction to Prototyping
Spring 2020


I made Thor's axe which is called Stormbreaker by using Fusion 360. Many of you may know this from Avengers Infinity War and Endgame.
CRT 420: 3D Printing and Design
Fall 2020

Return Man

In this project you are Bo Jackson in the Tecmo Bowl game setting. The goal is to get the kickoff and go score. Be careful you need this touchdown to win the game so do not get tackled! I made this project in Processing
CSC 103: Creative Computing
Fall 2020