Elizabeth Walrod

Sophomore double major in Creative Technology and Marketing with a minor in Economics.

Montana Closet

This project was inspired by the tv show " Hannah Montana" that I often watched when I was younger. I love clothes and fashion and wanted to find a way to use technology to help me store and find certain outfits in a more efficient manner.
CSC 235: Physical Computing
Spring 2021


Pac-Cat is a pac-man style game, where the player is a cat, the ghosts figures are now mice, and the special power ups are fish instead of cherries. The goal of the game is to eat all of the dots before you loose all three lives by running into the mice.
CSC 103: Creative Computing
Spring 2020

Great Gun Getter

This is an adjustable dumbbell that was designed to be more comfortable to hold. They can be adjusted from 3 to 8lbs each.
CRT 101: Introduction to Prototyping
Fall 2020


This is a chicken food dispenser that was designed to keep the bears in my neighborhood out of our chicken food. It is made primarily from plywood and can be hung from a tree and varying heights.
CRT 101: Introduction to Prototyping
Fall 2020