Brendan Corbett

Brendan is a theatre major with a focus in technical theatre.

Tix Clock

A design to satisfy my personal stubborn nature. Having previously not been able to properly use a RTC, I dedicated this project to my personal growth in expanding what I can use, not to mention I’ve always wanted one.
CSC 235: Physical Computing
Spring 2021

The Red Sunflower

The Red Sunflower is a ring with LEDs placed within the ring's inlay. When powered, the LEDs glow red and reflect off the ultraviolet paint that covers the flower.
CRT 101: Introduction to Prototyping
Fall 2020

MCU - Mini Cooler Unit

The MCU is a drink/beverage cooler that uses a Peltier module to cool down a water bath that you place the drink into. It's relatively small size makes it perfect to fit on a desk or otherwise cramped area.
CRT 101: Introduction to Prototyping
Fall 2020