Aidan Paul

My name is Aidan, I'm from Birmingham Alabama. I am a sophomore double Management and CRT major.

Bedside Elevator

This is my final project for CSC 235. I designed it to eliminate the need to throw stuff up to my bed loft or carry it up the ladder. Now I can easily send up anything with ease.
CSC 235: Physical Computing
Spring 2021

Bubble Clip

Bubble Clip, my intermediate project, is a 3D printed device with the purpose of creating a trail of bubbles behind a bike. This project doesn't use motors, the Bubble Clip uses the movement of the bike to turn the fan and blow bubbles at the same time.
CRT 101: Introduction to Prototyping
Spring 2020

Snake Gamepad

The Snake Gamepad, my final project, is a handheld Arduino based recreation of the game Snake. The casing is a repurposed RC remote, and the screen is an 8x8 LED matrix. The game plays just like classic snake but handy because you can play it anywhere.
CRT 101: Introduction to Prototyping
Spring 2020

Coin Dash

This is my CSC 103 Final Project. Coin Dash is a game where you try to collect coins among a randomly generated map while dodging meteors.
CSC 103: Creative Computing
Fall 2020

Board Game Table

This Board Game Table made in Fusion 360 is the final project for the Fall 2020 CRT 420 Class.
CRT 420: 3D Printing and Design
Fall 2020