Nicholas Munoz

A Creative Technology Major with a Creative Writing and Business Minors. BITS for four years.

The TableTop

Is a wooden tabletop designed to help the use of table space for the popular game of D&D.
CRT 499: Senior Project Capstone
Spring 2021

The Hackprobe

The Hackprobe was collection of various sensors and instruments designed to reach an altitude of 40,000 ft. Using a weather balloon it successfully reach it’s desired height twice and was recovered both times.
CRT 420: Design for Extremes
Summer 2020

Homemade masks

For our projects, our professor decided to change the direction into projects that could be useful for the COVID-19 pandemic. My group was assigned with making instructions and the masks that people could make at home. My part was using sewing tools.
CRT 320: Advanced Robotics
Spring 2020

The Hackhelper

The Hackhelper was an intermediate project for my Intermediate Design course. Its purpose was to track the progress of a student in a classroom and whether the student needed help from the professor. It captured that data and would record it in a database
CRT 399: Intermediate Design Studio
Fall 2020

Computer Lab Monitor

The final project for 399 which had monitor a place on campus. My group decided to keep track of Computer Lab traffic to see when the Labs were used at specific times. This project included stand to display data, and a webpage with graphs.
CRT 399: Intermediate Design Studio
Fall 2020

Robotic Arm

This project was an acrylic automated arm made to emulate that of a CNC Robotic Arm. It uses processing and Arduino to control it via Potentiometers. (Picture for Comparison)
CRT 320: Advanced Robotics
Fall 2020


A glove with the added benefits of a flashlight in the fingertips. With nothing but a small battery, wiring, and four leds, this glove can light your way in dark and hard to reach areas that require a bit more close up lighting work.
CSC 235: Physical Computing
Spring 2019


The ChibiKart is a small electric motorized vehicle. Built completely from the ground up using instructions and parts given by our professor for the class. Using those guidelines we crafted the frame, attached the wheels, and wired the battery and motors.
CRT 330: Vehicles
Fall 2019


Ottokart was an in class project where we students we attempt to use the various sensors mounted on the modified golf cart to traverse a walkway completely autonomously.
CRT 330: Vehicles
Fall 2019

The Everlasting Music Box

The Everlasting music box is a larger than normal music box using a mounted xylophone and a spinning cylinder with many holes lines up to the corresponding notes. It comes with pegs that can be interchanged to allow for different tunes to be played.
CRT 101: Introduction to Prototyping
Spring 2018

The HC-I3S: The Highly Charismatic Insulter 3 Button system

The HC-I3S is an arduino attach to a small speaker and amp. When one of three buttons are pressed on the back of the device the HC-I3S will choose from a random pool of audio files. These files are various insults mocking humans.
CRT 101: Introduction to Prototyping
Spring 2018


Lambert was a game made with the coding language Dr.Racket that was heavily inspired by the famous game Q-bert. It for the most part followed the setup and concept behind Q-bert but instead was used as an exercise for us Students to use to Dr.Racket
ART 340 Graphic Design
Fall 2018