Student Resources

Here's a list of helpful references and tutorials to get you up and running at HackBerry Lab

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Sheet Metal Brake

Documentation for using the metal brake to bend metal.


Spot Welder

Documentation for using the spot welder.


Setting up Cura

Cura is a software that turns STL files from 3D design programs like TinkerCad and Fusion 360 and slices them for 3D printing.

Files & Resources

Wireless 3D Printing

Printing wirelessly to the HackBerry 3D Printers is easy. Here's what you need to know:

3D Printing Policies

  • Students using the printers for class assignments have top priority
  • Prints for personal projects should check with a lab assistant
  • Prints can only be started during Open Lab Hours
  • Prints longer than 12 hours should check with a lab assistant first
  • After uploading a file to a printer, get a lab assistant to finalize the print
  • Students should monitor the print during the first 5 - 10 minutes
  • Only lab assistants should remove prints from the printers

Wireless 3D Printers

Use the links below to connect to the desired 3D printer. Username is "student" and password is "marthaberry"

Connect To Server!

Need help using the 3D Printers? Check out our tutorial here!

Printers are only accessible while on the Berry network.

3D Printing Checklist

  • Is there enough filament for the print?
  • Is the print bed cleared of prints and filament?
  • Is the print oriented to minimize time/support material?

Installing Arduino

The Arduino IDE allows you to write code, upload, and monitor activity on the Arduino microcontroller.

Files & Resources

Still getting errors trying to upload? If the Arduino Nano is still not uploading, go to Tools->Processor menu and choose "ATMega328P(Old Bootloader)" and try reuploading.

EasyEDA Circuit Design

EasyEDA makes designing circuit schematics and printed circuit boards (PCBs) easy and intuitive.


Simple Plasma Design

Create a simple design in Fusion 360 that can be cut on the CNC Plasma Cutter